Songs of the Sea return to the Whalers’ Tunnel


Following last year’s sell out concert, rollick along as Fremantle’s historic Whalers’ Tunnel will resonate again with Songs of the Sea, as The Lost Quays are again proud to be part of Heritage Festival! The date is Saturday 27th May. From barrel-thumping traditional sea shanties to songs of quiet longing, prepare for the calm and for the storm. Rug up in the unique and intimate setting of the Whalers’ Tunnel, below the Roundhouse. And through the harmonies of a crew of good men, let The Lost Quays steer you a course across the world’s oceans, painting a song-picture of lives shaped by toil and adventure on the sea, far from home. Ticket price includes a tot of spiced rum!

Here’s a pic from last year:

We have two sessions this year, a matinee at 2pm, and an evening show at 6pm.

The info you need is here, and get your tickets from Ticketbooth here. The Whalers’ Tunell is a small and special place – you’ll need to book early!

And there’s a lot of other great stuff on the Heritage Festival to check out.


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