The Lost Quays

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About Us

“The Lost Quays” are an 11 voice male choir dedicated to singing shanties and other songs of the sea. A sea shanty (or “chantey”) was traditionally sung by sailors while labouring together aboard sailing ships. These songs are rhythmic and energetic, but are simple and easy to learn, making them ideal for audience participation. They can reveal interesting insights into seafaring history.

While many of our songs are traditional, we also embrace folk and pop songs where appropriate. We mostly perform acapella (unaccompanied), but do sometimes include instruments such as guitar, mandolin and accordion. Our repertoire is presented with gusto, good humour, and occasional mischief.

Our song for 400th Anniversary of Dirk Hartog's landing in Western Australia

Latest News


Fremantle Folk Festival

We are excited to have been asked to perform in the inaugural¬†Fremantle Folk Festival, to be held in Parmelia Park and Clancy’s Pub. The festival includes some great local artists, …


Denmark Festival of Voice 2016

The Denmark Festival of Voice is unique festival of song, held each June in the south west coastal town of Denmark, Western Australia. The festival focuses on the human voice, …